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Location: HR, Zagreb

Genres: Acoustic, Alternative, Blues, Progressive, Rock

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There are 5 band members:

Goran Lenac (Rhythm/Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals/Flute)

Ozren Juric (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar)

Ivan Karlo Pintar (Bass)

Darko Fras (Drums)

Filip Grahovar (Lead/Rhythm guitar)

Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, RHCP, Black Sabbath
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Konjanici  (06:12)
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Svećenici Boga Marsa  (04:32)
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Currently recording demos for a competition and soon after, the first album.
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Preko Obzora (Over The Horizon) Album Song List December 27, 2012 16:59
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