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Tour dates

Wingmen tour dates (past shows)

Date: Location: Venue:
07/04/2007 Garden Court (the whole street) Block Party Details
Great show, one of our best
03/31/2007 Lori's House Backyard Details
First show
04/14/2007 Stephanie's House Above the Pool Details
Happy Birthday Steph
04/21/2007 Weston Acoustic Ampitheatre Details
Impromptu performance. Made a dollar.
12/01/2007 St. Gregory's Inside the Music Room Details
A request from John, I believe.
06/05/2008 Stephanie's House Above the Pool Details
Burning Ceremony for Seniors. And can someone say amazing? We actually had a small light show. We just keep getting better and better.
08/01/2008 Stephanie's Hourse Above the Pool Details
CANCELED. They love us SO much, we are back a THIRD TIME!
03/15/2008 Ryan's House Patio Details
CANCELED Ryan's sister's birthday.
12/28/2008 Stephanie's House In The Patio Details
Good Show A Few Notes: 1. Guest Drummer-Manny, he did very well esp. becasue he learned all the songs in a day. (normal drummer on vaycay) 2. Slightly Shortened Playlist- couldnt over burden the stand-in 3. Sound Problems- We fixed the trouble with hear Matt 4. Sean- in addition to guitar is now doing back up vocals due to the addition of a second mike Over all the show was a huge success!!
01/01/2009 Jonny's House In The Patio Details
Small crowd, good show. Recorded on tape.
01/03/2009 CJ's House Outside by the pool Details
It looks like we have a thing for pools. Great show.
05/12/2009 Tijuana Taxi Co. Open Mic Night Details
nice show Matt couldn't make is so Sean filled in (little sloppy on playing for him but over all good) 3 songs played: Are You Gonna Be My Girl - Jet, Kryptonite - 3 Doors Down, Born To Be Wild - Stephenwolf
03/11/2010 Tijuana Taxi Co. In the corner Details
Probably here to interview/catch-up with Gary.