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Location: US, Florida, Plantation

Genres: Hardcore, Punk, Rock, Ska

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Band Members
There are 4 band members:

"Jonny" Izag... (Lead G)

Ryan Greene (Bassist)

Sean Craven (Rythmn G)

"CJ" (Drummer)

93.1 FM, 88.5 FM (in SoFla)

Punk Rock, Indie Rock, 80's Rock, some Metal

Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Offspring, AC/DC, Reel Big Fish

The Talent Farm, Radioactive Re cords, WAA...
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Disjunct, Defunct, and De-Railed  (02:15)
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Brainless Agitation  (03:15)
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The Wingmen

Thanks for visiting! We are the Wingmen!
We are a group of friends who met at church and shared a common taste in music. Collectively we play ska/punk/indie, with the occasional metal influence, from, yours truly, Jonny.

Back in September of ’06 Sean and Jonny met each other after both attending a local party. Through out the night they chatted and realized they both played guitar and really wanted some more people to jam with They started playing together and noticed we had good chemistry, and thought we should come back next week with more people.

 Sean brought his friend along who played bass among other instruments, and Jonny brought his friend, who thought he could play drums. He couldn't. He sucked. So we moved his incompetence to the bass guitar and our bassist became the drummer.

 Everyone had different genres that we liked, so we had a huge variety of songs to start playing from. All of which were covers of course, we still had to get a feel for what we were capable of. Some of these songs included: Million Miles Away by The Offspring, Are You Gonna Be My Girl by Jet, Right Now by SR-71, Kryptonite by Three Doors Down, and Paper Wings by Rise Against.

 After band practices every weekend at Jonny’s house, a few of our friends were having parties and asked us to be the entertainment that evening. When coming up with band's name, we had some awful ideas: Superband, Paraplex, Lunar Snake, and Harman Harmonics. Fucking LUNAR SNAKE. Awful. We stuck with Superband for a while until Jonny got a T-Shirt that said “Wingman”. Then it was settled, we were The Wingmen.

 After a few shows, Sean and Jonny got fed up one day with playing others' bands music. And by fed up I mean Jonny got into a car crash and wrote The Wingmen's first song: Wishboned, though it was not heard for a very long time. Then CJ got jealous of Jonny writing a song, so he read Ryan's T-shirt, and made another song, Brainless Agitation.

 Originally, Jonny and Sean were switching off vocals, and since we decided our band was turning into a real project, they decided it was time for a real singer, so we adopted Matt from the sad puppy foundation. Later Brittney Baire would be found to be his true owner.

 When the band went off to college, Sean and Jonny got together online and wrote some more songs; namely: Splash, Our Number One Fan, and Better Off with a Drum Machine.

 After we wrote a few songs over the semester, we came back for a reunion tour, Wingin' It! Our band’s ex-girlfriend , Stefanie volunteered to video tape our shows so we could release our backyard bash parties on DVD. But during the summer, Matt never showed up to band practices, and everyone started doubting his abilities. We were also playing every week at Tijuana Taxi Co. and had a regular crowd. After realizing Sean could sing we decided to kick Matt out of the band, because of his attendance issues. So in our frustration, and as a group effort and band decision, we kicked matt out in a totally personalized message on Facebook.

 After Matt was kicked out, Sean and Jonny really wanted to make this band work, and decided it was time to get serious. The first step we had to do was to network our band better. Since we had three recordings we had done previously with Matt, we made a Facebook and MySpace page, which we update and check daily. With Sean as the vocalist now, attendance was not an issue, and progress could be made.

 Over the fall semester, Sean and Jonny took the initiative to make songs every week for months straight. Somewhere in the middle we had to draw a line with the number of songs being written. A couple of weeks before Winter Break, we stopped writing music and practiced the 16 songs we decided would be on our first album.

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