Whiskey River

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Location: US, California, Orange

Genres: Blues, Pop, Rock & Roll

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There are 4 band members:

Jesse kleinow (Lead Guitar)

Kyle Riley (Singer, Rythym Guitar, Piano)

Sean Pullin (Bass)

Jeremey Zweig (Percussion)

Zeppelin, Dance Rock, Lady Gaga, & the Pacific Ocean
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New Day  (03:50)
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Long Blonde  (02:42)
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Hello Hello, This is Whiskey River. If you are male and come to one of our shows you will have a 75% chance of scoring if you are on the dance floor because the ladies will be out in full force. Just try to nab one before someone in the band does.
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WTF Dres-up Party 10/23 @ Hennessy's Tavern Laguna October 15, 2010 17:00
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