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Location: US, Pennsylvania, L-town represent!

Genres: Acoustic

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There are 4 band members:

Pat Reilly (Guitar/Introductions)

Jake Harkins (Lead Vocals)

David Gallagher (Hits a Shoebox)

Nick Carpinona (Backing Vocals/Introductions.)

Our influences... hmmm anything really. We came from enjoying a couple of different musical backgrounds... oh well, it doesn't really reflect in our songs.
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Led Zeppelin Sucks  (01:26)
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Acme Sucks  (01:29)
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We Are Awesome  (01:08)
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We WILL be #1 on the Billboard charts.

... but our music is kind of dumb.
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Plans to release old songs/record new ones afoot. December 24, 2007 12:21
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