Audio Science Sindicate aka A.S.S. Crew

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Location: US, Colorado, Longmont

Genres: Metal

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Blakesta420 (god)

Deftones, Ill nino, Soulfly, 40bellowsummer, unearth, radiohead, raggae, mudvayne, devildriver, alice in chains, ozzy, chimaria, old 311, underground hip-hop, instrementals, Drum-n-Bass, korn, sepultura, dry kill logic, hellyeah, mushroomhead, static-x, otep, CKY, old Stone Sour, slipknot, Hed p.e., Mashuggah, Motograter, sevendust, pantera, rage against the machine, audioslave, pepper, teamsleep, and a SHITLOAD of others that id rather not name because ther is tooo many more to name. But im sure u get the idea
Will Fuckin SOMEONE tell me if ther is a vocal effect peddle that exists? And what type,model,price and cappabilitys it has. I thought "DigiTech" made a vocal peddle. Also, if you live in Colorado, and you are lookin for people to set somthin up, like jam, play @ bars, clubs ect. I sing, i need a guitarist,bassist, and of course, a double bass peddle drummer, that just wants to have fun, colaberate and play our fuckin drunkin asses off. Send me a goddamn message if ur interested. Thankx Blake Pedigo:finger:
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