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Considering this isn't an actual band profile, but has actually got to do with my Ultimate Guide to Guitar column, I will write down some of the things that inspired me to start working on the UGG.

First of all, what inspired me was a lack of organised lesson content on UG. The UG database contains a treasure of info on guitar theory and practice, but it's all scattered and fragmented. This means it's easy to find a good article on, say, hammer-ons if you wanted to learn about them, but impossible to see the "bigger picture", the grand scheme of music theory and guitar technique as the essential pillars on which guitar mastery is built. I wanted to change that, and create a collection of the essentials of guitar theory and practice in one all-encompassing column.

Secondly, a few pieces of pure gold among the cluttered-up column database inspired me to do a bit of writing work of my own. Josh Urban's "The Crusade" is one of the best theory guides on the website, and it really got me thinking that UG needed more quality articles like that. Freepower's amazing video lessons and instructionals were a great inspiration too, as well as the entire Musician Talk forum that he's a moderator of.

Finally, what kept me going throughout the writing process was the gratitude and enthousiasm of my readers. Yeah, it was a painstaking process creating this leviathan guide, but in the end it helped lots of aspiring and veteran guitarists, which is all I could ask for...
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This band profile contains all of the riffs, backing tracks and other sound files that are used in the Ultimate Guide to Guitar.
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