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Location: AU, Queensland, Brisbane

Genres: Heavy Metal, Metal

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Band Members
There are 4 band members:

Juz Cook (Guitar)

Matt McRae (Drums)

Ian Konrad (Guitar)

Mike Radeck (Bass)

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A Burning Horizon (EP)  (04:18)
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The Realm Beneath Us (EP)  (05:30)
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Demonic Shadows (EP)  (05:27)
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Severance [2014 EP]  (05:37)
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Tria Mera are a heavy metal band from Brisbane, Australia. Officially formed in 2010, the group consists of guitarists Juz Cook and Ian Konrad, bassist Mike Radeck, and drummer Matt McRae. The band name is Greek for "Three Day", though referred to commonly as "Third Day", as it appears in the movie White Noise 2: The White Light. Tria Mera's musical style is heavy metal, but has been compared to the styles of modern European metal due to the melodic-ism found throughout their music.

Since its formation, Tria Mera have released an EP, been featured on multiple compilation albums, played several local festivals, including Australia's major heavy metal festival Soundwave Festival (headlined by Iron Maiden), and won a QMusic Award for their song "A Burning Horizon".

In June 2011, original vocalist Scott Moss announced he was leaving Tria Mera due to ever growing family and work commitments. The next day the band begun advertising the vacant frontman position, and later organised one final farewell show that was held in August.

The success of the EP continued almost a year after its release when the band were nominated and then won a Queensland Music Award for their song "A Burning Horizon". The award was presented by Costa Zouliou, a former Triple J radio announcer. This helped to keep momentum while the band continued searching for a new frontman.

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