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Thursday, December 24, 2009

‘Guitar Mashing’ breaks boundaries wit

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Tim Scott – Acer Records, News, December 2009

It’s been an exceptionally busy few months since the launch of my new single ‘Amy Jane’ which is now selling fast off of Amazon and iTunes.

Total Guitar (magazine) put it at number 9 in their top ten recommended tracks to download this month.  CityLife included it in the three single reviews that they have each week achieving more stars than Lily Allen’s latest and Sound on Sound also gave it a very favourable review in their January 2010 issue.

‘Bald On The Inside’ has been repackaged and re-released across all the digital download networks: iTunes, Amazon mp3, etc with ‘4:AM’ (4am And I Can’t Sleep) released as a single from it.

‘Angel Dust’ has been released as the first single to be taken from ‘Guitar Mashing’ with a new extended version ‘Angel Dust (Naked Sunset Mix)’ which also features as a bonus track on the ‘Amy Jane’ CD single now available exclusively on Amazon and selling fast.

I’ve been really enjoying getting back on the road, the gigs have been completely fabulous with a good turn out everyone has had a great night. I’m looking to book more dates next year would be great to see you there as it’s always a wicked night. For more info visit the tour dates page or join my ‘Tim Scott - Guitar Mashing’ Face Book group.

I’ve been in the studio commencing work on a new album due out next summer that will feature a new mix of ‘Amy Jane’ as that is the first single to be taken from it.

Sales of ‘Guitar Mashing’ through Amazon and iTunes has been picking up pace with purchases as far away as Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Europe, America and of course the UK still increasing steadily.

‘Ibiza’s Secret Garden’ is still my biggest selling tune on iTunes with ‘Angel Dust’ close behind and ‘Amy Jane’ catching up fast.

2010 will be great year as ‘Guitar Mashing’ becomes more and more popular, giving a true alternative to mainstream pop and all the remakes of old formats.

‘Guitar Mashing’ is truly a fantastic product that will sell and sell, and as people demand something new, I believe that this will fill the growing gap in market for music innovation.

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