The Thin Line of Reality

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Location: US, Nebraska, Omaha

Genres: Hardcore, Metal

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There are 4 band members:

brandon369852 (god)

Trevor (Guitar)

AJ (Bass)

Taylor (Vocals)

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Tyranosyphillis  (03:34)
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Fetal Fries  (04:31)
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Hardcore/metal band from Omaha, Nebraska. We just got a new order of shirts in, pm brandon369852 if you'd like to buy. I'll upload a picture later of it. We went in to record a song and it ended up being played on the radio. We're hitting up the local scene, and hopefully we'll head out on a Mid-West tour next summer. Check back and I'll make updates about new songs, new shirts and when we'll release our next EP.

Check out the myspace.

http://www.myspace.c om/thethinlineofreal ity

Also, check out The Pay Off(Mr. B and brandon369852's other band.)
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