The Rangels

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Location: US, Illinois, Genoa

Genres: Acoustic, Alternative, Blues, Rock

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Band Members
There are 7 band members:

Miguel (Guitar)

D.J. (Guitar)

Josh (Vox, Acoustic Guitars, Harmonica)

Kirby (Bass)

Tommy (Drums)

Paul (Keys, Piani, Sax)

Brandon (Stage Manager Extraordinaire)

The Black Crowes, ZZ Top, Jet, T.P. & the H.B.'s, all of those one hit wonder alt rock bands from the '90s, etc.
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The Mourning After (Live)  (03:46)
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The Ballad of Dave Capes (Live)  (03:12)
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Taking their name from the story of two mexican twin brothers and their epic struggles, The Rangels have come about in a big way on the local music scene of the greater northern illinois area. Check them out at http://www.myspace.c om/therangels . They are here to serve all your rock n' roll needs.
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