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Location: AU, Australian Capital Territ, Canberra

Genres: Pop, Rock

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There are 4 band members:

Alan (Guitar/Vocals)

Sam (Drums)

Mike (Bass)

Ian (Vocals)

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Yes Or No  (03:51)
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Way Home  (03:48)
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We are awesome. We are Them As Well.

"They totally rock!" - Keith Richards (No relation)

Them As Well has been described as Radiohead meets Franz Ferdinand. With their blazing guitar riffs, groovy basslines, destructive drums and powerful vocals they are poised to be your next favourite band. They have been performing around Canberra for over a year now, quickly gaining fans and groupies by the literal garbage-truck load.

"You guys were the best band...and you have the cutest little singer ever!" - Singer of Son of a Rut

Originally created to fight the ever growing squid population in Lake Burley Griffin, Them As Well found themselves without a purpose after the problem turned out to be non-existent. After protesting via angry Facebook statuses, they quickly found themselves going nowhere, and all their friends had either deleted them or blocked them from their news feeds. It was a very dark 3 days for Them As Well, and had nowhere to turn except World of Warcraft.

"They stole my song!" - [NAME REMOVED]

4 years passed.

Upon completion of the first raid they decided to give up the online gaming, as their parents had disconnected the internet. There was only one obvious move to make, and that was to create music. And get jobs. And they did both.

"Yes or No. That is the question. Or is it the answer? I'm not sure." - William Shakespeare

After much success around Canberra Them As Well entered the studio to record their first EP "Yes or No" which turned out to be awesome, despite the universe shifting due to the perfection created. It will be released in the coming months, and you'll get to have your own piece of Them As Well to take home for the first time, with the exception of the guy who stole our drummer's fingers, which did not affect his drumming ability.

If you're interested in how this story ends, you'll just have to go see them.

"I like your band, and birds. Actually I like birds more." - Crazy Man

Them As Well consists of:

Ian Barlett - Singer
Alan Hilvert-Bruce - Guitar / Backup Vocals
Mike Soroka - Bass
Sam O'Brien - Drums
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