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Location: US, New York

Genres: Alternative, Hard Rock, Instrumental, Metalcore, Thrash

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There are 2 band members:

Austin (Guitar)

Cameron (Drums)

Parkway Drive/Killswitch Engage/Anthrax/Suici dal Tendencies/Van Halen/As I lay Dying...
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Carrion(parkwaydrive cover)  (03:01)
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Tentacle Head Lock(live)  (02:26)
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We are similar to Parkway Drive, only with no singing. Carrion(cover), is our guitarist playing with a backing track, but we may redo it together in the future.

Tekk is made up of A 13 yr old guitarist, and 15 yr old drummer. A bass player may be coming but he's lazy... Add yourself as a fan, so we're inspired to keep going.^_^
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North American tour!? March 31, 2009 18:04
New band member? March 7, 2009 14:22
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