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Location: US, Missouri, St. Louis

Genres: Alternative, Punk

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There are 5 band members:

Luke Eberhard (Lead Guitarist)

Dominic Rubio (Bassist)

Tom Rubio (Rhythm Guitarist)

Wesley Ragland (Drummer)

Kalen Riley (Singer)

Yellowcard, Relient K, Linkin Park, The All-American Rejects, Green Day, Rise Against and Switchfoot. From these bands we love, we've developed a alternative rock genre of music that we play. We also love the classics like Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and Aerosmith.
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Sadie Hawkins Dance (Remix-ish)  (02:23)
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Really good song idea solo  (00:12)
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Really good song idea  (02:18)
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Really good musical motif  (01:22)
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We play on Old Orchard Drive at the Gazebo a lot. If you feel like comin' down, feel free. A few things:
-We put Mp3's on the page whenever we get an idea or a good recording
-We are currently NOT accepting members, so don't ask
-Some of the members of our band are not on but we will be getting them on soon enough
-If you have questions or comments, post them in the comment thread thing or shoot JohnMayer4Mayor a message!

I guess that covers it. We're all set to take the world by storm! Wish us luck!
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