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Location: AU, Victoria, Melbourne

Genres: Alternative, Metal, Pop, Progressive, Other

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Band Members
There are 6 band members:

Ben A (Guitar)

Eric (Guitar, Backing Vocals)

Izzi (Vocals, Keyboard)

Garrick (Drums)

Ben L (Bass, Backing Vocals)

Benji (Violin, Backing Vocals)

Ben A: Dream Theater, The Butterfly Effect, Karnivool, Tool, In This Moment, Paramore, Ne Obliviscaris, Hey Monday, Opeth, Within Temptation, Orianthi, Devildriver
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Something In Your Eyes  (03:09)
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Severin has been going since the middle of '08, going through various name changes between then and now, and is still in its experimental stages.
Each of us brings a different style to the plate: Izzi and Ben L's influences ranging from Dimmu Borgir to Slipknot to Lady Gaga, Eric with mainstream and acoustic rock, Ben A pushing the progressive/groove metal sound to the forefront, Garrick repping metalcore predominantly and Ben M bringing out indie - makes for one interesting mix.
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