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Location: US, Massachusetts, Wareham

Genres: Rock

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Mikeh (Lead Bass)

Thank you for coming to look a our band profile this is nothign to do with knocking off your profile completeness its a real band..
the only 4 ppl that are in it now are staying unless they want to leave (witch wont happen we argeed not to) or any other reason
we have a chat box in this profile for you to chat with the band members if there online there is help up the top to how to use it
and things like that if you havent got a chat box you MUST!! get one there great! click the link if you dont: hat_box/ and have fun with it XD
Dont Be Shy Come And Chat With The Band Memebers If There Online :-) means onwer (only band members with be)
2.white means moderator (nobody with be that) means guest means memeber is OFLLINE no matter what you are if your red your offline

Get your own Chat Box! Go Large!

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