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Location: GB, London

Genres: Acoustic, Alternative, Indie

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Room 16 (god)

Jacob 'Riff-buster' Swift (Guitar, Bass,)

Micheal 'Ivory-tapper' Richards (Rapping, Piano,)

Libertines, Streets, Enya, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Bach,
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Bliss  (02:20)
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"Refreshing rhymes for refreshing times,
refreshing minds, don't be blind,
i'm trying to be kind, i hope you don't mind,
tick...tock...tick.. ..tock....tick.....S TOP.......
........refresh..... ...ahhhhhhh......"

Excerpt from Jacob Swift's poetry book 'A Music You Can't Touch' (Still looking for a publisher)

Hey Jakey here! lol. Me and the Mickster have always been getting into trouble together. We're a right pair!!! lol.

Our music means the worlds to us and we're hoping to make it big one day, fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! lol.

Please please please sent us your feedback so we can get to that holy grail of the music biz - the no. 1 chart spot.

Our friends say we are brill but we want to know what u crazy guys think. Get in touch for a cd.

Love Jacob "riff-buster" Swift and Micheal "Ivory-tapper" Richards
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