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Location: CA, Ontario, Barrie

Genres: Instrumental

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Jazz, Metal, Rock, Folk, Classical, Opera and Musicals
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El Taco Loco  (03:55)
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Another Sleepless Night  (03:37)
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My Untold Story  (02:55)
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Longing For...  (03:49)
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Hi my name is Richard Somers. I eat breath and sleep music and I love to record. I played in Before Dawn and The Silence Runs Red, also my high school Jazz band, Concert band, Junior band (as conductor/teacher/pe rformer) and Teacher band (as Bass). I am looking to start or join a band in the Barrie area as guitar or bass. I was a part of my highschool choir, vocals class and musicals so I can sing in harmony (I may not be the best sounding singing but I try). I would love to do a few collaborations in various styles. I always say that I have 2 loves Jazz and Metal. I have tried to combine the 2 styles together with minor results. I love just about any genre of music from Jazz to metal to country to rock to classical.
My Life Is Music! I Listen To,Write and play music all of the time. I want to be a music teacher and can play 8 instruments including Bass Guitar, Piano, Electric/Acoustic Guitar, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Drums and now Trombone.
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