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Location: FR, webwire

Genres: Folk, Pop, Rock, Other

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There are 13 band members:

salmon philippe (Internet collaboration band - guitar & vocals)

Lindsey Pillow (vocals, guitar, shakers, songwriter)

Damian Biazuk (Vocals, Guitar, mastering)

Manda (Guitar, songwriter)

jason abbott (Vocals, guitars, songwriter)

Johnny Dee (Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Piano)

Martin Haywood (Guitar, songwriter)

Dave Stansbury (Vocals, guitar, Bass)

Bruno Aiache (guitar & vocals)

Kylee Arnold (vocals & guitar)

Clint Hamilton (Bass guitar , guitar and vocals)

Annie (Guitar & honorary member)

Mallory manahan (song writer)

there should be many influences here because we're several persons:
mostly pop-rock, folk and blues
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All you need is love (Beatles)  (04:56)
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Fever - Johnny & Phil  (04:19)
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It's only rock'n roll - John & Phil  (05:56)
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Pete the (french) Gnome (zhilla/salmon)  (06:21)
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Twist and shout - Clint, Johnny & Phil  (02:49)
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Hello and welcome to the new band page

I have created this collaboration band with several UG friends and we made about 26 tunes and covers together between 2009 and 2011. We had a lot of fun doing this and let me thank everybody involved - you can hear the result in our MP3s . This page is like a memory of what we have done.

I am now more active with several bands in my life and we give concerts regularly. You can follow our gigs on my YOutube channel where I also make internet collabs, play piano, sing with the kids, and give guitar lessons... om/user/salmonfishan dships

All the very best to all of you, dear friends, keep the faith :)

salmon philippe, january 2013
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