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Location: CO, Antioquia, Medellin

Genres: Reggae, Punk, Rock

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There are 4 band members:

Esteban Vargas (Lead Guitar, Back Vocals)

Sergio Gomez (Vocals, Rythm Guitar)

Nicolas Rodriguez (Drums)

Julian Villota (Bass)

Well, basically it is whatever weve heard in our 3 favourite genres (Reggae, Hard Rock , Pop punk). In the most important ones there is:

Guns N Roses
Se?or Naranjo
Velvet Revolver
Bob Marley
Eric Clapton
Led Zeppelin
Blink 182
Sum 41
The Offspring
The Ramones
The Who
Tr3s de Corazon
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Kiss Me  (02:33)
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Everything started by the desire of playing, because it is fun. The name band was oficially named No Crime in April 2009, but there is a story before that.

Esteban wanted a band back in August 2007, trying with different people in the grade, he finally played live with Nicolas Rodriguez, Sergio Gomez and Miguel Andres Jaramillo. This was called ''La Corporacion'' but because of musical differences, Miguel took his way and the other 3 were still together, but searching a bass player and a name. Tons of ideas run through our heads, from the simplest to the most psycodelical name, some of them were 134Db, 4 stupid guys in a boat, Infrasound but Nicolas had the No Crime idea long time ago, Sergio and Esteban liked it and the story goes on.

No Crime mixes old fun Pop Punk, the relaxing Reggae and awsome Hard Rock, a mix that we hope will get us to the fame, because when people get to know your music it is really cool.
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