Glam Angel 666

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Location: DE, Berlin

Genres: Black Metal, Death Metal, Doom, Experimental, Grindcore

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Blasphemofukker General and Rusty Wooden Spoon Kastrator (Hell Desecration Blasphemic Chainsaws, Black Vomits of Blasphemous Nekrodesekration, Etheral Dancing Rays of Black Gestapo Light, Ancient Spiraling Keys of Black Nekrotic Doom, Genocide)

Hatpanzer Division Leader and Purveyor of the Unholy Nightlight of Black Gestapo Darkness (Low End Nekrorumblings of Bestial Coguemelo Goatfukkery, Blasphemic Incarnation of Evil Through Twisted Oral Rendition of Demonic Texts, Genocide)

Swirling Vortex ov Doom and Krieg Vomit Apokalypse (Guitar Pro Drums) (Skull Smashing Hellhammers of Bestiality and War Driven by Satanic Legions of Pounding Demonic Hordes, Genocide)

Nothing, Glam Angel 666 influence others -- Glam Angel invented music, anyone who says otherwise is a poser. Also, Genocide.
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UTAWLFUK  (04:32)
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Juzz  (04:27)
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Plunder  (02:26)
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Nekrogestapo  (01:52)
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