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Location: US, Tennessee, Morristown

Genres: Instrumental, Metal

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Band Members
There are 4 band members:

Mitch Smith (Guitarist)

Ryan Fuller (Drummer)

Dustin Wells (Pianist)

Lee Jones (bassist)

Metal: Savatage, Metallica, Judas Priest, Sanctuary, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, etc.

Classical: Edvard Grieg, John Williams, Beethoven, Mozart

Other: Pink Floyd, Trans Siberian Orchestra
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Innocence/Broken (Live)  (03:41)
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Chivalry (Live)  (05:58)
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MSO is the band born out of the creativity and emotions of Mitch Smith. Combining his love for classical, heavy metal, and rock music, he has created a form of symphonic rock much unlike any other.

Two albums of music, Chivalry and Broken Ballet, were entirely written and recorded by Mitch Smith. After being pushed to put together an orchestra and band to perform his music, six years after recording Broken Ballet, MSO was assembled. MSO rushed to assemble a concerts-worth of prepared music in about four months. They were successful; the concert was a huge local hit, and was a successful fundraiser for a local homeless shelter. Videos of it can be found on YouTube, and two MP3's are posted on this page from it.

MSO now plans to record a third album called Tales Of Witchery. This album will mainly feature Mitch Smith's original compositions, but will also contain compositions from individual members and collaborative efforts of the band. It will also be the first album to be recorded by a band and orchestra, and not just Mitch Smith.

The orchestra plays a variety of instrumental selections, including original compositions by Mitch Smith and MSO, electrified arrangements of Beethoven and Mozart, contemporary pieces by such composers as John Williams, and even a few well known songs by popular groups such as Pink Floyd and Metallica.
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