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Location: US

Genres: Alternative, Rock

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Band Members
There are 5 band members:

Pete Murray (vocals, programming)

Jerry Oliviera (bass)

Neil Godfrey (guitar)

Pete Ricci (guitar)

Tommy Stewart (drums)

Getting Aaron Lewis to hear the demos, they became signed to 413 Records, his vanity imprint through Geffen. By 2003, Lo-Pro was in studio with producer Don Gilmore, also producer for Pearl Jam and Linkin Park. After a few months of work, their eponymous album was released on August 26th, 2003. One single was released, "Sunday", which gained significant airplay. Pete Murray said of the single:

"It's definitely not about watching football or going to church. It's really about how I've never had anything to look forward to on Sunday. I never liked going to school or going to a job, and when Sunday comes, you just know things are gonna hit the ringer the following day."

Plans of a second single existed, and bassist Jonathan Fahnestock even asked the internet community to vote on their choice on it, but it never surfaced. [3]

The band toured extensively alongside Staind, of which Aaron Lewis was the lead singer of, and Three Days Grace.

Additionally, on April 24th 2004, they released a 3 track acoustic EP exclusively through Napster, containing acoustic takes of "Sunday", "Ignition", and "Not Me".

Finishing their tours in support of the album through 2004, the band would later be dropped by 413 records.
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