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Location: US, Arizona, Mesa

Genres: Death Metal, Hardcore, Progressive

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Band Members
There are 3 band members:

Derek (Guitar/Backup Vocals)

Jordan (Bass)

Wolfgang (Vocals)

Between the Buried and Me

Killswitch Engage

Protest the Hero

The Fall of Troy

Shadows Fall

All that Remains

Coheed and Cambria

The Black Dahlia Murder
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The Ending is Tragic (Extremely Raw Vocals)  (04:27)
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It all started with one band, Dark After Dawn, since then the members have come and gone, the band has gone on hiatus and even became a solo project, but the vision still remained the same. Illaria (ill-are-ee-uh), has put on a new look, no longer binding itself to the restraints of one genre. Rising from the ashes of what seemed a dead band, Illaria now stands stronger than ever.

Currently writing new songs, the band is focusing on producing solidly structured songs that aren't written for the fans, but for themselves. Jordan with his quick and powerful bass lines punch any listener to the chest. Derek's guitar riffs bring melodic sense to the aggressive sound. __lol__'s grooves fluidly pound the listener with a onslaught of double bass, while Wolfgang's gutturals and intense text bring new meaning to the music.

This is Illaria.
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