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Location: US, California, Riverside and Caracas (Ve

Genres: Other

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Band Members
There are 2 band members:

Nicolas "the Humanity" Lopez (backing vocals, bass)

Giacomo "Giaco" Mederico (bass, keyboards)

The Mars Volta
Mike Oldfield
les Claypool
Pink Floyd
The Who
Rage Against The Machine
The pairing of 2 like minded types, creating a new form of expression. taking the remnants of the much hated hip hop, emo and rap genres, Nicolas drives crushing basslines, half improvised, running through the mix before settling into a smooth riff, allowing the Schecter Protector, Giaco, to drive his bass into a crushing flurry of bass the like of any psychobilly has never seen before, taking as much from his metal and rock roots as his more folksy ones.

We are in need of a drummer and a singer, so please, PM one of us. We may just add you in.
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