Guitar Wars II

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Location: US, California, Riverside

Genres: Acoustic, Brit-Pop, Doom, Reggae, Symphonic Black Metal

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There are 8 band members:

Harriet Tubman (sitar)

Pedobear Von Pedo (accordion)

Freddie Mercury (cowbell)

R2D2 (drum machine)

Ashton Kutcher (didgeridoo)

Mr. Clean (carrying stuff, yo)

Tinkerbell (interpretive dance)

Carlton Banks (Wineglasses)

the tear of a baby, the power of a F#m7, and the death of a small insect
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Eyes - Rick Springfield (lulz)  (03:44)
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Guitar wars Entry  (02:16)
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hey everyone!!!!

this is guitar wars II, stay tuned for some epic jammin.

as a note, those are not your nicknames, you may not request a new band profile name, but you may use it as inspiration for your nickname, when that is eventually decided.
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