Ghost Hardware

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Location: GB, Northwest, Workington

Genres: Post Hardcore

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There are 4 band members:

Joey (Bass)

Joe (Guitars/Vocals)

Jordan (Guitars)

Seagull (Drums)

Deftones, The Fall Of Troy, 65daysofstatic, Protest The Hero, Mastodon, Foals, throwing down, music that we like, people who own laptops, crisp mornings after a house party, mixtapes, cold glasses of water in a hot shower, sub-woofers, old instruments, shitty guitars that sound awesome, the feeling of overwhelming accomplishment after a good practice, feedback, the smell of cigarette packets, line 6 DL4, and everything else.
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C.S.A.D.  (03:56)
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Fiction or Faction?  (02:39)
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Staring Daggers  (03:44)
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