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Location: SE, Västerbotten

Genres: Metal

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Eternal_Heart (god)

Iron Maiden, Running Wild, Gamma Ray, Wuthering Heights, Kamelot, Nightwish, Megadeth, I, Kreator, Pantera, Kalmah
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We are Eternal Art! A Metal band from Ume?, Sweden that has been actively writing material since 2010 and played at various gigs around Ume?. Eternal Art have had a few lineup changes over the years but are now going strong with guitarist/singer Simon Lind, Dara Kalateh on keyboard, guitarist Thomas Isaksson, bassist Gustav Sk?remo and drummer Andreas R?dstr?m. In 2014 the band recorded Tales To Remember, a three song EP showcasing the bands melodic and heavy sound.

Don’t forget to check out for more information.
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New EP titled THE RESISTANCE is out Now! November 17, 2015 20:16
Help Vote the band to get a gig May 15, 2014 21:44
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