Dead Bang!

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Location: US, Florida, Boca Raton

Genres: Alternative, Indie, Rock

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Band Members
There are 5 band members:

Ellert Toohey (Bassist)

David Fuentes (Guitar)

Katie Vandorkooy (Singer)

Alec Eddinger (Drummer)

James Kobayashi (Keyboard)

John Frusciante, Jaco Pastorius. Karen O., Paul Chambers, Thom Yorke, Anthony Kiedis
We're a local band from Boca Raton, we go to Spanish River and if you're reading this, then you probably know a band member. Check us out; we play indie/funk and we appreciate all support. Thanks!
We're just a bunch of good friends with a deep interest and love for Music. We each have our own tastes in music: Katie, our singer, loves Indie music, and writes catchy lyrics. Alec, our drummer, loves metal and fast drum based Music: David, our guitarist, mostly plays funk, rock, and indie music; Ellert, our bassist, prefers Classical, Jazz, and solo bassist music. James loves Jazz, Classical, and experimental music and brings flare to the band. We all work together well because we respect each others music and role in the band. Our focus is not to become big and famous ( Although it would be nice ) but to better ourselves through our Music, get booked, and play some shows. We each strive to bring our best to the band and we have tons of fun in the process, which is really what this all about: expressing ourselves, having fun, hanging out, and playing music.
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