Crying Freshmen

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Location: US, New York, NY

Genres: Death Metal, Other

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There are 2 band members:

ED (Guitar, Backup Vox)

RW (Vox, Drums, Keyboard, Guitar)

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In the Light of the Void  (05:45)
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Raped By Lyons (Remake)  (02:08)
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Shut Up D00d (Anal Cunt Parody)  (00:49)
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Degradation ov the Chosen Cell Phone  (03:15)
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Biebaliscious Brutality  (04:05)
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T3h Br00talz ABCs  (01:08)
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Crying Freshmen Theme (demo)  (00:36)
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Raped by Lyons (Full w/ Vocals)  (02:15)
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Crying Freshmen is a band consisting of 2 high school students who both share a similar taste in music. While the music is primarily death metal, we have no problem delving into other genres on a whim. None of our music is serious; instead, it is meant to be laughed at by all, regardless of one's musical preference or knowledge of the subject matter.

For those of you who actually care how Crying Freshmen originated, I shall recount the stupid and boring story of that not-so-fateful day.

Once upon a time, there was a freshman named James hanging around the locker room with his beanie. He is a friend of ours, and as a joke, I took his beanie and taped it to his locker. For one reason or another, he just left the locker room without his beanie. The next day, we found out that it had mysteriously vanished overnight, leaving only the torn tape which held it against the cold metallic locker the previous day. One could only assume that the beanie would never be seen again (as it was most likely beanie-napped by a janitor and discarded into the deep murk of the average school trash can).

When poor James realized that his beanie was missing, he was devastated. How could anyone do that to his favorite beanie? What heartless monster would steal a beanie from an innocent freshman? He looked everywhere. He searched through the locker room, the cafeteria; he even delved deep into the lost and found. No luck. His beanie was gone forever.

There's no telling what transpired after that, but we suspect that James returned home only to break down in tears of mourning over the loss of his favorite beanie. As such, the band was duly named "Crying Freshmen" ("men" is used instead of "man" in order to address the broader spectrum of froshes/ppl), and the band titled its first song "Requiem for a Beanie" in an act of respect for the beanie which vanished and, we suspect, was brutally murdered in the steely maw of a savage garbage truck.

And James and his beanie lived happily ever af-...wait, nevermind.

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