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Location: US, Pennsylvania, Duncannon

Genres: Acoustic, Instrumental, Rock

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With the release of his debut album, Cobrette Bardole has plunged full force into his career as a recording artist and will captivate your ears! The engaging melodies and percussive complexity found on the "Everything, In Time - EP" has connected to listeners of all ages, and is already impressing critics everywhere.

"The music of Cobrette Bardole denotes a player with heart and soul, and plenty to say though happy to let his guitar do the talking."
- Leicester Bangs (UK)

As a songwriter, Cobrette began learning the percussive instrumental styles of the guitar while he was in his first year of college. Surrounded by new inspiration and new friends, he kickstarted his writing. Cobrette soon gained attention at local coffee shops and college events, and within a few months had self-produced and released his first solo album.

Cobrette has recently performed a few new singles, though no release date has been announced yet. The new songs "Cacophony" and "Fibers" have been heard on local college radio broadcasts and take the percussive guitar style into a whole new realm by adding a third element of vocals overtop of Cobrette's already perplexing songwriting.
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