Animals for the Unethical Treatment of Humans

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Location: US, New York, Rochester

Genres: Grindcore

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Band Members
There are 5 band members:

Birdman (Guitar, bass, vocals, songwriting)

T. Roach (Vocals, Song writing)

Mop Man (Possible) (Guitar, Bass)

Matt Sofa (Producer, Drum programmer)

Karol (Drum Machine)

Anal Cunt, Brutal Truth, Exhumed and Napalm Death have influenced us greatly. Death metal bands like Cannibal Corpse, Decapitated, Nile, Bolt Thrower and Blood bath have contributed to the genre of death metal, and our song writing. We are mostly grindcore/noisecore but don't be caught off guard if you here some techincal death metal and/or black metal influences.

Mop man is greatly influenced by black, progressive and death metal, while Roach is more trash/80's Hardcore punk. I (Birdman) am into more death metal and technical stuff, as well as black. Matt Sofa is a producer who has co-produced several other bands and is more into Indie rock, hardcore, and stuff like that. We are very unique and talented and we hope this reflects into our music.
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