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Location: CA, Ontario, Richmond Hill

Genres: Alternative, Punk, Rock

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There are 3 band members:

Ant (Mixing, Vocals, Guitar)

MF (Guitarist, Backing Vocalist)

Apple Macintosh Computer (Everything else we're not doing)

Sum 41, The Offspring, Three Days Grace, Green Day, Alexisonfire, Rise Against, Linkin Park, The Foo Fighters, Billy Talent, Weezer, Alice In Chains, Econoline Crush, Metallica, Social Distrortion, and yeah, you get the point. Now, of course, there is much more, but these are the main ones, and the rest you might here a bit of every now and then.
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New album coming out soon! :headbang:Stay posted for updates!


- We got an email and YouTube account! Find us on YouTube with "AmplyfireBand" or email us at "amplyfireband@hotma"!

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