a band that does not exist.

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Location: GB, Channel Islands, west east north south

Genres: Jazz

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There are 5 band members:

Will (helicopter pilot who enjoys eating cheese)

Josh (blab)

Tom (Lead woobles)

Tricia (Lead quacker)

Patrick (errr... I don't know, he just is.)

blurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh.Stu ff.
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Welcome to A Band That Does Not Exist.
This is not a real band.

Shocking, isn't it?
I made it to get my UG % up and I was bored, OK?
I've just posted some music that has nowt to do with anything.
Enjoy, I may be putting a blog up with the Adventures Of A Band That Does Not Exist.
No, actually, I won't.
So there.
Mark yourself as a fan of this amazing musical achievement.
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