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Location: US, Michigan, Midland

Genres: Alternative, Experimental, Metal, Rock

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There are 5 band members:

deadlyMETAL (Lead Guitarist)

B4k4 (Rhythm Guitarist)

Dominic (Bassist)

Michael L. (Drums)

Paul V. (Vocalist/Rhythm Guitarist)


The musical influences of Last Caress are solidly rooted in 80's metal, while adjusting to newer rock sound. Our largest band influences are from Metallica (music with definitive presence), Foo Fighters (music that you can listen to anytime without having to be in a certain mood), Muse (having fun with their music, making it fun to listen to), and Bullet For My Valentine (bands that can solo).

Lead Guitarist deadlyMETAL's Influences: the above bands, and Steve Vai.

Rhythm Gutarist/Vocalist Baka-San's Influences: All of the above plus Steve Harris, Nobuo Uematsu, and Randy Rhodes.

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Feelings Don't Get Hurt  (01:17)
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Parkour  (02:22)
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What's Going On In The World Of
++++++++++++++++++++ + Last Caress ++++++++++++++++++++ ++

Last Caress is doing what it always does: has fun, rocks out, and works at keeping things lively and metal. So, we're still stuck in our fix of not having a drum set for our drummer, but you never know whne things change. :D We'll keep you posted, so check out our pages both here, and on MySpace.

So let's see: one mp3 up, numberous blogs, a decent number of pageviews, and we're gaining attention. I say that's pretty good considering what we are right now.

Things just get better and better. Until next update, go hit a keg!

~deadlyMETAL, Lead Guitarist/Owner
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4 Guys, 1 Overdue Update, 0 Drums. December 17, 2007 13:10
More updates. If you can call it that. September 11, 2007 06:39
Band member added. September 4, 2007 06:59
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