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Location: US, New York, Syracuse

Genres: Rock, Ska

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Band Members
There are 8 band members:

Greg Johnson (Guitar)

Eddie Steenstra (Trombone)

Mike Nave (Bass trombone/some leads)

Tom Egnoto (Lead vocals)

Chris Cadwell (Trumpet)

Garrett Biedermann (Tenor saxophone)

Rory Edwards (Bass)

Sean Harvey (Drums)

Garrett Biedermann's brain, Streetlight Manifesto, The Flaming Tsunamis, and Eddie's house of course.
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Horrorscopes  (03:02)
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2012  (02:54)
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Agoraphobia  (03:08)
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That's Fine  (02:39)
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4-point-0 is an up and coming ska-rock band from Syracuse, NY. They often feature their 4-man horn line, which combines with their catchy melodies and tight rhythm section to bring energy to their live shows. 4 Point 0 has put out 2 CD's in their 2 years together, "Making the Grade EP" (2008), and "The College Try" (2009). 4 Point 0 played the "2010: A Ska-Odyssey tour" around the northeast in July 2010. The dates can be found below! 4 Point 0 hopes to continue to make great progress climbing in popularity, and expanding their fan base across the northeast, and eventually the nation!

Info on our tour this Summer coming soon!
Find us on myspace or facebook. You can buy our stuff here.
Email: 4point0booking@gmail .com

2010 SAMMY WINNERS! Best Alternative/New Rock Album (The College Try)

Future Plans!
4 Point 0 has recorded their 3rd CD this past August at Subcat Studios, which is currently on iTunes and many other online music stores!

"...the day that I found Syracuse Ska band 4 Point 0, I found MySpace GOLD."
- Caity from "The Sound Faction"

"One of the most energetic and unique ska acts I've seen in quite some time."

- Bubba from Ithaca Underground
"They're still quite young, so they'll get even better, but they are already amazing... I'm excited to see where this will end up."
- SkaDanny from Kingston Beat Productions
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